We’ve always been enthusiastic about creative Embroider Buddy® gifts that pair perfectly (check out our cozy Blankey Hugger sets), but our new line of Gift Sets combine toys and apparel that make for fantastic bundles. We’ve matched some of your favourite Embroider Buddy® items with selections across our own line and the lines of our sibling brands, such as Messy Moose Socks!

What’s cuter than seeing your Embroider Buddy® snuggled up against a tinier version of themselves! Check out our Gift Sets featuring Garvin Goat Buddy, Horatio Husky Buddy, Luce Lamb Buddy, Rene Raccoon Buddy, not to mention our thunderous trio of Dinosaur Buddies, and cuddlier plush toy versions of themselves! Monty Monkey Buddy and Okie Owl Buddy are sure to stay nice and toasty with their matching Blankey Buddys. Blankeys aren’t the only thing keeping your Embroider Buddy® warm this winter. Sebastian Shark Buddy, festive Santa Buddy and our pink and blue Bobby Bear Buddy are featured in sets with matching Messy Moose Kids Socks!

Each Messy Moose Kid Sock is machine washable, made with a soft 80% cotton blend, features a slip-resistant tread and precious plush charm on the end. Meanwhile, each Embroider Buddy® is designed with embroidery and personalization in mind. Our signature removable stuffing pods make embroidery easier than ever!

By using our Embroider Buddy® Gift Sets you are guaranteed a perfect combination of cuddy, caring Embroider Buddy® and an exciting accoutrement.