EB-Blog-Stockings for Stuffing

Santa’s getting ready. Are you? Yes, there’s a long mile between now and the holly jolly holidays, but the track shortens faster than you’d know it. And when Santa finally arrives, you won’t want to be caught without a place to put those marvelous gifts!

That’s right, you can’t load up on stocking stuffers without any stockings! And in that regard, we at Embroider Buddy®  would be more than happy to help you out. We offer multiple styles and colors for stockings, from the traditional velvet red with fur trim, to sleeker designs and lighter teal hues. 

Colors are not limited to designs between our Traditional Stockings and Chic Stockings, allowing you to mix and match. And the personalization doesn’t stop there. What would an Embroider Buddy®  item be without embroidery? Our stockings are created with embroidery in mind. A zipper down the back allows for these stockings to butterfly open, making for easy and convenient embroidery.

Red Stocking

Once you have the stocking, feel free to let Santa know about all the wonderful Embroider Buddy®  toys you might want! We have plenty of festive Buddies, like our Santa, Elf, and Sonny Snowman. There are new buddies like the redesigned Belly Bunny Buddy. We even have Embroider Blankeys to keep you warm and snuggly through the winter!

Santa need not worry. We’ll supply the stockings. The milk and cookies are on you!

If you’re still looking for the perfect stocking, Embroider Buddy® can help you out there too! We offer multiple styles and colors for our stockings. Not to repeat ourselves like a music box, but our stockings are also designed with embroidery in mind! Our stockings feature zippers that make customization a breeze.

We know it’s only October, but with the holidays approaching it never hurts to start taking stock of your stocking stuffers. And for that matter, what use are stocking stuffers if you don’t have any… stockings!

 Thankfully we here at Embroider Buddy® don’t just have you covered for gifts, but we can help you out with the very things gifts come in! With a wide selection of options, we have the perfect stocking for everyone on Santa’s list. And all of them are designed with embroidery and personalization in mind!

 We offer a wide range of stockings in styles and colors, including a classic red Christmas stocking. Our stockings are designed with embroidery in mind, each one featuring a discrete zipper on the side to make personalization as easy as 1-2-3!