EB-blog-International Raccoon Appreciation Day

High in the trees, low in the ravines and waist-deep in the garbage. Some of the craftiest, cleverest and, above all else, cutest critters many of us encounter in the wild are raccoons. The start of every October marks International Raccoon Appreciation Day, a special occasion to observe and enjoy the splendour of one of the animal kingdom’s sneakiest friends. 

We at Embroider Buddy® are big fans of these trash bandits. Expect to meet Rene Raccoon Buddy in early October. With its ringed tail and soft fur, this 16” Buddy is always good for a snuggle. Like all of our Embroider Buddys, it is designed with embroidery and personalization in mind. Our signature removable stuffing pods make embroidering plush toys a breeze. And if your Raccoon Buddy gets a little grimy, our Embroider Buddy® toys are washer safe!

EB Rene Raccoon 3Q 1_1 (1)

International Raccoon Appreciation Day began back in 2002 out of California, to promote a better understanding of this wily and weird creature. Over the last century, no animal has acclimatized themselves to human civilization quite like the raccoon, who use their wits and opposable thumbs to make themselves quite comfortable in the busiest cities on earth. 

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Raccoons are highly intelligent and adaptive, however, the COVID epidemic has not only changed human life but the animal kingdom as well. With restaurants less active and leftovers more scarce, raccoons may grow more desperate for food and lower their standards. This can lead to their own outbreaks of harmful and contagious infections, like distemper. If you see any raccoons acting sluggishly or without their wits, keep your distance and call a habitat or animal rescue. Even if humans are immune to conditions like distemper, it can be spread to other animals, including pets. No worries though you can hug our Rene Raccoon no problem!