EB-Blog-International Rabbit Day

We’re away from Spring, but before anyone even thinks about hibernating folks around the world are going to want to get one more glimpse of our snuggliest, fuzziest critter. That’s probably why the last Saturday of every September since 1998, mammal fans celebrate International Rabbit Day. A day to learn about rabbits, their habitats, and the dozens of breeds hopping through the wild. 

As something of a fan of cute, cuddly animals ourselves, we at Embroider Buddy® would be remiss not to observe International Rabbit Day without a special announcement. One of our closest companions in the Embroider Buddy® Clara Classic collection, the long-running and beloved Bella Bunny Buddy, is getting a whole new look!

21096 - Classic Bella Bunny - front

Still soft as ever, the new Bella Bunny Buddy is getting redesigned with a cuter, more classic look. The gentle and compassionate Buddy will be sure to light up anyone’s day.

Bella Bunny Buddy remains the perfect gift for lovers of rabbits and embroidery! Our Embroider Buddy® line of toys and gifts are designed with embroidery in mind. Our signature removable stuffing pods make embroidery and personalization easier than eating a carrot. Embroider Buddies are machine washable too!

We hope this year’s International Rabbit Day puts a spring in your step! The new and improved Bella Bunny Buddy will be available to order in October.