EB-Blog-Mask Up, Slow Down for our Month-long sloth sale

Yes, Summer is wrapping up. As the days start to inch down, who wouldn’t want to slow down and savour the remaining sunny days. No one knows how to take things cool and slow like our own Silvano Long Legs Sloth Buddy. To celebrate September, we at Embroider Buddy® are running a month-long sale on this adorable, embroiderable sloth!

We’re even more excited to all of his amazing fans that they can save big during this momentous reunion. Until September 30th, get 10% off cases of 12 and over by using the code SLOTH10 on our store. For 5% off on 11 pieces or less, use code SLOTH5. Run, don’t crawl, to this amazing sale!

Silvano Long Legs Sloth Buddy is unique in our collection, with long lanky arms and legs for the warmest of hugs and cuddliest of snuggles. However, Silvano still features all of our amazing, embroidery focused features. Our signature removable stuffing pods make for easy and imaginative embroidery and personalization. Plus he’s machine washable!


Slow Down, Mask Up for These Chic Embroiderable Masks



The end of summer also means something else for a lot of families: Back to school! Returning to classes in 2020 means a lot of different things to a lot of different kids, but if someone you love will be in need of a protective mask you can always rely on your friends at Embroider Buddy®.


We have an all-new set of six cool, kid-friendly masks to help with the new school year. Our masks have a range of cute, trendy designs that will appeal to a wide set of interests. Patterned masks also help ensure that they won’t get mixed up with other students, plus our masks open the door for embroidery and more personalization to help your loved ones stand out!