EB-Blog-Run, Don’t Crawl, To Our Sloth Sale!-1

We’ve heard your requests! It’s been a long time coming but cut him some slack, he is a sloth after all. Silvano Long Leg Sloth Buddy is finally restocking! This 30″ cuddler is one of the most unique items in our Embroider Buddy® line. With long lanky arms and legs, this loveable sloth is the perfect plush toy for hugs and snuggles. 

Silvano Long Legs Buddy

Silvano the Sloth Buddy will be making his big return at the end of August 2020. If you’re looking to hang around with Silvano, we’ll be offering a special promotion to mark his return. Keep your eyes open as we will be posting a  special discount code on our website as soon as he arrives. 

Also, we are excited to mention that Lorenzo long leg Monkey is returning after a long hiatus. He will be joining Silvano later in September. 

Like all of our Embroider Buddy® toys, Silvano the Sloth Buddy is designed with embroidery and personalization in mind. With our signature removable stuffing pods, embroidery is easier than ever, even for our layabout three-toed friends. Plus our Embroider Buddy® line is machine washable. How many sloths do you know are machine washable?

We are excited to restock this unique and adorable toy. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions!