Nothing delights us more at Embroider Buddy® than the opportunity to introduce a brand new friend into the Clara Classic Collection. Climbing down from the treetops, through ravines and quiet laneways, this adorable trash bandit is ready to steal your heart.

EB Rene Raccoon 3Q 1_1 (1)

Meet Rene Raccoon Buddy, this 16”, fuzzy little rascal is crafty as they are cuddly. With his striped tail and cozy coat of fur, Rene makes a great compliment to the rest of your Embroider Buddy® Clara Classic collection!

Like all of our Embroider Buddy® toys, Rene Raccoon Buddy is designed with embroidery and personalization in mind. With our signature removable stuffing pod, you can embroider Rene with any design that comes to your imagination, from the city streets to the tranquil forest brush. If your wily Rene Raccoon Buddy gets a little grimed up, never fear, as our Embroider Buddy® toys are machine washable as well! 

EB Rene Raccoon back_1 (1)

Expect to meet Rene Raccoon Buddy this autumn. We hear plenty of requests for new animals in the Embroider Buddy® collection. This feedback greatly shapes the future of our line, so if there’s ever a cute little critter you’d love to see get the Embroider Buddy® treatment feel free to reach out!