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Would you like to live in snuggly? We’ve been hearing your questions about new items and our beloved Clara Classic Collection. With these inquiries in mind, we are all too excited to announce that an all-new animal is arriving at the Embroider Buddy® farm. This one’s going to get your goat!

Meet Garvin! With striking bright fur and dark horns, this wide-eyed Lil’ friend is ready to skip and hop their way into your heart. At 16″ this eager Embroider Buddy® will make the perfect addition to your collection, especially if you’ve kept up with other barnyard Buddies like Lambton Lamb Buddy and Sweetie Piggy Pal Buddy, not to mention a beautiful canvas for your embroidering projects.


The contrast in Garvin Goat Buddy’s fur opens the door to some inspiring embroidery concepts, using the black and white to bring out charms and designs in new and unique ways. Like all of the Embroidery Buddy® collection, Garvin Goat Buddy is designed with our signature removable stuffing pod, making embroidery, personalization and cleaning a breeze!

Expect Garvin Goat Buddy to arrive in late September of this year. We hope this great news finds you well this summer. If you have any questions about Garvin or our expanding collection of gifts and toys we always love to hear from you!