EB-Blog-Happy Fourth of July and Canada Day (1)

The weather is hot and the fireworks are loud. The days may be getting a little shorter but the weekends are getting a lot longer. For Canadians and Americans, Canada Day and the Fourth of July offers a time to celebrate and appreciate our countrymates. Reflect on the benefits we’ve received from our homes and the improvements we can make in the years to come. And it’s a great time for crafts. It’s always a great time for crafts!

For our Canadian embroiderers, celebrate your pride with Canada’s iconic wildlife. Our Bobby Buddy Bears, Black or Brown, are always ready for a hug from a hoser. Whether you’re up at the lake or cooling by the porch, Mikey Moose Buddy is a great friend to spend the long weekend with. Our Sports Ball collection offers a Hockey Puck Buddy that’ll tide anyone over until the next puck drop. Embroider these plush chums with maple leaves, peameal bacon, or whatever charms speak truest north strong and free to your Canadian self.

For our American friends celebrating the Fourth of July looking for gifts and crafts, we’ve got tons of options. Likewise to the Hockey Puck Buddy, celebrate America’s favourite pastime with the Baseball Buddy, a fluffy flyball you’ll really want to catch. We aren’t looking to get political here, but we are willing to acknowledge that America’s two-party system exists. If you have stronger opinions on it, embroider it on our Duncan Donkey Buddy or Elliot Elephant Buddy!

All of our Embroider Buddy® toys are designed with embroidery and personalization in mind. With our signature removable stuffing pods, embroidering and cleaning these products is easier than the last day of a long weekend. Whether you’re north or south of the border, we hope you have a fun long weekend!