An All-New Way To Buy Buddies

It’s been a busy year at Embroider Buddy®. We’ve expanded the product line with many new, fuzzy friends. We’ve had events, trade show appearances and anniversaries. But this week we have a huge announcement that is going to change everything!

We are introducing e-commerce to Embroider Buddy® US! Now you will be able to order all of your favourite Embroider Buddy® toys and gifts online. This will make buying all of our wonderful products easier than ever!

Our new site has an all-new look, new photos of our great items, but we can’t wait for you to try out our new store! With the potential for ease of ordering for consumers and small businesses, you’ll be able to order as many or as few of each item as you need!

What’s in Store

In our new site, you’ll be able to browse items categorized by your needs. Are you wholesale, distributing, retailing, a hobbyist or just looking for the perfect gift? Simply click the appropriate section, then create an account or log in at the top of the page. After creating an account, you will be able to see our wholesale prices!





If you are familiar with our site, using the new store will be easy as pie! Just like before, you’ll be able to browse every collection and style from teddy bears to blankeys! Add any item you desire to your cart. When you’re all done shopping, click your cart, review your order and hit “checkout.” Fill out the shipping address and select the shipping method that will work best for you.





Ordering from Embroider Buddy® has never been easier! And we strive to make things simple. After all, our Embroider Buddy products are designed with our signature removable stuffing pods, making embroidering and personalizing gifts easier than ever. Lastly, to all our Canadian customers – stay tuned later this summer!

We hope you enjoy this exciting new feature.