EB-Blog-For Mothers Near and FarMother’s Day is upon us this weekend. For many of us, it’s going to be a trickier one. If you are fortunate enough to be staying in the same household as your mom then it’s just about making her day special far above our circumstances. If you aren’t, then you’ll have to get a little bit more creative in celebrating this year. Thankfully, we at Embroider Buddy® are all about creativity!

There are plenty of ways to celebrate Mother’s Day while keeping social distance. There are flower delivery services. You can play a song over a webcam. If there are parks, museums or monuments you’ve always considered checking out, many have been offering virtual tours that could simulate spending a day together. In lieu of an in-person cooking class, stream one of the endless cooking channels on YouTube, or pay for some of the digital course subscriptions available.

Our gifts at Embroider Buddy® are all about starting as a simple plush toy and becoming something special. Whether it’s our snuggly Buddy Bears or soft Embroider Buddy® Pillows, our products are designed with personalization and embroidery in mind. So if there’s a special message you’d like to deliver to your mother then we should have something that should fit snug as a bug.

We have many precious animals in the Embroider Buddy® collection that your mother would be sure to enjoy. For the pet lovers, we have a great selection, ranging from Buster Bulldog Buddy, Claire Cat Buddy and even Hedley Hedgehog Buddy. If your mother would appreciate a calming creature comfort above all, they would love our brand new Luce Lamb Buddy.

A Mother’s Love

Our products go far beyond toys. We also offer more traditional gifts that will be sure to warm like a hug. Feel free to check out our wide selection of Blankey Buddies, soft blankets with an adorable plush charm. The large 30 x 40″ blankey offers plenty of room for embroidery and inspirational Mother’s Day messages. 

If you can’t decide between a stuffed animal and a blanket we have just the solution. The Blankey Hugger collection which comes with cute toys with their arms embracing a 30″ x  40″ blankey. They range from bears and bunnies to unicorns!

As mentioned before we even offer Embroider Buddy® Pillows. These 14″ x 14″ throw pillows are designed with a removable insert (not unlike the Embroider Buddy’s signature stuffing pods) to make embroider easy as 1-2-3. It’s just another one of the many Embroider Buddy gifts that could make your mother more comfortable in this unique Mother’s Day.

Embroider-Buddy-PillowWhether you are thinking about the mothers in your life, are quarantined with them or will have to wave from the window, we hope you all find plenty of love and comfort this weekend.