Cosy Up With A Good Book 

The newest member of the Clara Collection has finally arrived. Feel free to cosy up with the all-new Luce Lamb Buddy. This sweet, wholesome and soft new friend will keep you warm and smiling with its creamy fluff and charming smile. 

As the spring air inspires you, this 16” plush toy will make for the perfect canvas for new embroidery projects. Luce Lamb Buddy features Embroider Buddy’s signature removable stuffing pod, making for easier embroidery and personalization!

Luce lamb

On top of saying hello to Luce Lamb Buddy’s fresh face, we’d also like to give an Embroider Buddy® update on some of our most requested items! The affable Mason Moose Buddy, sharp Sebastian Shark Buddy and slinky Silvano Sloth Buddy are all making their return! If you’ve been asking about restocks of these items, or would like to use this opportunity to meet them for the first time, please reach out. We would love to get these buddies to you!

Cosy Up With a Good Book

A lot of us are getting creative. With stay-in-place orders in many places around the world, it’s a good time to flex our artistic muscles. If you’re a longtime embroiderer we’d love to see the projects you’ve been working on. If you or a loved one are interested in picking up the craft this is also the perfect time to learn. For more reason than one!

April 23rd is World Book Day. An opportunity to cosy up with a good book, send our minds on inspiring adventures or learn new things. If you’d like to pick up some literature on embroidering, check out some of these books:

  • Modern Machine Embroidery by Lisa Archer
  • Digitizing Made Easy by John Deer
  • The Sewing Machine Embroiderer's Bible by Liz Keegan
  • Embroidery Business from Home by Martin Barnes
  • You and Your Sewing Machine by Bernie Tobisch

We can’t wait to see what you embroiderers, new and old, get up to!