Who's That Buddy In The Window 

Ever since the COVID 19 crisis we’ve received many messages from Embroider Buddy®️ fans, checking up with us and telling us about the ways our toys have helped them through this. Social distancing and self-isolation are the greatest tools most of us have to combat the situation, but it can also weigh down on all of us. Amid the stress and loneliness it is important that while they are indoors, our friends, family and neighbours are all still there. Like you, they are just waiting things out.

Comfort has always been one of our highest priorities at Embroider Buddy®️. Our hearts are filled seeing all the children and family members hugging our plush toys close in what can be trying times. All the better that these toys come with meaningful, personal messages on them.

Windows have become an important tool as well. We may not be able to approach the people in our communities but we can still wave hello. Around the world, we’ve seen messages of hope and love placed on windows, simple and uplifting messages to help people through. Some of our Embroider Buddy®️ fans have shown us how they are getting creative. Not only with embroidery, but stationing these little rays of sunshine by the windowpane.

gallery-1 (1)Love

gallery-2 (1)We will all get through this and if a soft, huggable toy or a new hobby could make things even a little bit better we at Embroider Buddy®️ would love to help.

Stay safe and stay healthy.