Spring has Sprung
You might have noticed it, up in the air. Brighter, warmer, clearer than usual. Spring finally arrives this weekend. Depending on where you live, the long months of cold and snow are finally wrapping up. Birds will be returning from their winter vacations; flowers will bloom and all the little critters will be returning.

Even if you find yourself indoors, it’s hard not to feel a little happier seeing nature spring back into action. If it’s an occasion you’d like to mark with an embroiderable gift, then we here at Embroider Buddy® have plenty of products that might interest you.

 Comfy Critters

Insects might be some of the smallest members of the animal kingdom, but these little pollinators and garden defenders make for great toys! If flowers are blooming then that means its time for our striped little chums to start making the rounds. If you’re lucky, then our 16” Missy Bumble Bee Buddy might make a pit stop by your garden. Alternatively, you could order one.

Landy ladybug pink

Bees aren’t the only bugs in Buddy world. Our cheery Landy LadyBugs would be just as happy to brighten your day! These 16” ladybirds come in red and light pink.

Landy LadybugAll of our Embroider Buddy® products feature our signature removable stuffing pods. So, while a regular bug might be difficult to embroider, ours are designed with personalization keenly in mind.