Celebrate St. Patrick's Day
Top of the morning, Embroider Buddy® fans! Next week is St. Patrick’s Day, a celebration of Irish heritage around the world. Whether your family hails from Ireland or you're just deep in the spirit of the holiday, it is tradition to adorn and surround yourself with green. A colour commemorating the gorgeous and endless grasslands. Don’t turn green yourself, you can make sure you’re well situated for the festivities with Embroider Buddy®!

We have plenty of green buddies that range not only in style but epochs as well! Our Shel Turtle Buddy’s coolly smile, and the rich textured colour is certain to bring you out of your shell! You’ll be ready to spring into St. Patty’s action with our HipHop Froggy Buddy! Hailing from the past and still ready to party is our Dinosaur Buddy!

Every Embroider Buddy® is designed with our signature removable stuffing pod, making them a breeze to embroider and personalize. These Buddies can only get greener with your choice of design, be they a four-leaf clover or well wishes that are just as lucky.


Slow and Steady

On top of St. Patrick’s Day excitement, we at Embroider Buddy® also wanted to give a quick update on our popular Silvano Long Leg Sloth Buddy. Silvano will be coming back in stock very soon, and if you want to snag some of these wonderful gifts you can begin pre-ordering.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Silvano yet, this unique 30” plush toy has long arms and legs to give the softest squishy and hugs. As a member of the Embroider Buddy® line, Silvano has a removable stuffing pod so you can personalize it with a special message for those laid-back days.