Celebrate Easter with Quincy Duck
Quincy Duck Embroider Buddy® is one of our newest Buddies to have made a splash. With his cheerful and bright disposition, he is the perfect gift for Easter which is just around the corner.

Add a colourful ribbon and some yummy candies and Quincy will be a perfect gift for anyone young or old.

Here’s a tidbit of information why ducks are so popular at Easter:

“Eggs & Chicks which come from Eggs are now often the main thing that people think of if you say Easter. Having eggs to eat, especially at Easter, seems to come from the middle ages in Europe. During Lent, in the 40 days before Easter, most people took part in a fast and didn't eat certain foods, including dairy items like milk and eggs. So, after eating no eggs for several weeks, they would have been a real treat to eat at Easter when the fast was over!” Excerpt from whyeaster.com.

Here are some great Easter sayings for your Embroider Buddy®:

oh for peeps sake

Chillin' with my peeps

My first easter  My 1st easter

One Cute Chick

What are some of your favourite Embroider Buddy® Easter projects? Share your photos and ideas on the comments below – inspire others!