Embroideries from Head to ToeWe at Embroider Buddy® believe in expressing your love and creativity at every opportunity. From big soft plush toys to stylish backpacks. A new sibling brand to our own is picking up a lot of attention and we thought it would be wise to show you some apparel with great embroidery potential.

Messy Moose Socks were founded just last year, in 2019, and already are winning over hearts and, more importantly, feet. This fun and inspired line of footwear have colourful designs topped by inspired plush charms. They range from outdoor critters like moose, birds and beavers to unicorns and choo-choo trains. They already make a great gift for a variety of people in your life, but you should also consider making these even greater gifts with a personalized touch.

Sock It to ‘Em

Whether they’re a huge sports fan or big on the outdoors, there’s a Messy Moose Sock that’ll pair nicely with anyone in your life. If you want to take the thoughtfulness up a notch, consider embroidering their name or a special message on the sock. Messy Moose are selling these socks all over, but you can make each pair a one-of-a-kind.

Life is better with embroidery. It’s a fun hobby that allows you to make something special. Our main line of toys is designed with a removable stuffing pod to make embroidery easier than ever. Even though it’s a different brand, Messy Moose Socks shares a lot of our core values about expressing your creative side, and their socks should be just as easy to make your own!