Embroider Buddy BackpakcsWe’ve covered a lot of ground at Embroider Buddy®. On top of our signature Embroider Buddy gifts, we’ve designed blankets, holiday stockings and bags. All of our products are created with embroidery in mind, allowing our fans to personalize a wide variety of gifts and apparel. Which is why we are excited to announce a new line of stylish backpacks!

These backpacks are much different than our Backpack Buddies but will also appeal to anyone kids who love fun and adults that are young at heart. Styled after some of our favourite animals, these cartoony and snappy backpacks are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. The line is starting with a friendly puppy, a silly beaver, a curious black bear, and a charming moose. They are made of polyester fibres and are 12.5”.Wyatt

A Little Extra Charm

What’s the best thing about these backpacks? What you do with them! This new line of backpack opens up whole new ways to embroider. These bags offer plenty of space to add phrases and graphics to help your loved ones express themselves.

Moose_backpackIf you want your child’s name or initials embroidered somewhere on the back, but somewhere covert for privacy’s sake, consider the back part of the bag or the inside of one of the straps!

black bearWe’re so excited to get these new bags out into the world, but we’re even more excited to see what you do with them!