Embroider Buddy Valentines
Next month is Valentine’s Day. February 14th is for all the many expressions of love. There are endless ways to celebrate. You can give cards, flowers, cook a heartfelt meal or spend an evening letting the most special people in your life, know how deeply you feel about them. Alternatively, you can wait 24 hours and reap all the bargain candy at the store.

Our suggestion? Well, we might be biased, but we believe that the gift of an Embroider Buddy® offers infinite ways to express your love! Our Embroider Buddy® line is designed with our signature removable stuffing pods, allowing for easy embroidery and personalization. Stitch on a pattern of hearts, cupid, an important message to an important loved one. Dare we say a proposal?

We’ll leave the embroidery to your imagination, after all, we’re giving you the canvas but you’re the artist. Here are just some of the Embroider Buddies that would love to help you express your compassion this Valentine’s Day!

Bear Hugs and More

Our Pink and White Bobby Buddy Bears would make a great, classic gift this Valentine’s. These 16” friends are soft and friendly. Most importantly they are stuffed with love.

There’s no love like puppy love. Our 16” Dalton Buddy Dog is all about boundless love. If you’ve got a big heart and need to show it with a bigger gift, you can size up with our 22” Jumbo Dalton Buddy Dog!

If a big squeeze is what you need, then one of our Long Legs Buddies, the Lorenzo Long Leg Monkey Buddy, is all about hugs. With 30” long arms, Lorenzo’s a gift that can hug like no other!

Love can also come in the form of goodwill. Our Kory Koala Buddies are about to participate in a charity drive to help their real-life counterparts in Australia. Check out more information about that and more charity drives to show some love to your favourite animals.1-valentines