Hop to it with Embroider Buddy

Maybe your garden is still buried under frost. Maybe the birds haven’t flown back yet and all your local critters are still resting. But before you know it, grass will grow, and flowers will bloom again. And if you can’t wait to hop back in, or want an early edge on Easter, then Embroider Buddy® has plenty of fuzzy, jumpy bunny friends to help you!

Bunny Buddy
From our signature Embroider Buddy® collection is Buddy Bunny, a happy smiling friend with cute little eyes that’d be perfect for an Easter message embroidered on its tummy. If you want to scale up your fluff, check out the 16” and 22″ Bella Buddy Bunny for more cuddly goodness. Like all of the Embroider Buddy® line, these gifts are designed with removable stuffing pods, making for easy-breezy embroidery and personalization!

Bella Bunny Buddy

We Carrot a Lot!

Outside of the Embroider Buddy® line we still have plenty of bunny love to go around. One of our most popular items is the Big Ear Bunny, a soft 15″ plush bunny that comes in multiple colours and donned with an elegant ribbon. With its long, lovely ears there’s plenty of space to leave a wonderful and meaningful message.

Long ears bunny
If you’re still shivering, then we have the perfect gift. Our Bunny Blankey Buddy Sets and Buddy Blankey Huggers, both sets include a large 30 x 40″ blanket to adorn with springtime messages and charms, as well as, a second smaller blanket topped with a plush bunny face.

Bunny Sets
We at Embroider Buddy® hope spring finds you sooner than later, and that your days are met with plenty of softness and sunshine!