Monkeying Around with EB
Sock Monkeys have been a plush toy staple since the 1800s. It’s any wonder how they’ve hung around so long. Their long, lanky arms and cheery disposition. We are happy to have varieties of Sock Monkeys in our own Embroider Buddy® collection! Soft and silly, they’ve been around for more than a century. As we enter a new decade, we not only want to look forward into the future but also appreciate the past, and what better way to do that than with wonderful classic toys!

Available in multiple colours, our Embroider Buddy® Sock Monkeys have a scarf that makes them perfect for embroidery and personalization!

Going Bananas

Variations of the Sock Monkeys have existed since the Victorian Era, but their signature look emerged from Rockford Red Heel style of socks, sewing them together giving them their bright red smiles. The Red Heel came out of Rockford, Illinois' Nelson Knitting Company around 1880.

The town of Rockford is so proud of contributing to this classic toy that they’ve held a festival celebrating Sock Monkeys since 2005! Known as the Sock Monkey Madness Festival, this year will take place during March 7th at the Midway Village Museum. Make sure to swing by if you want to see more monkeys by the barrel load!