EB The Perfect Wrap for the Perfect Gift

The holidays are quickly approaching, and we have a few suggestions of our own on how to prep Embroider Buddy® gifts for the holidays with little more than ribbon and cellophane paper!

Gifts That Speak for Themselves

At Embroider Buddy® we provide the blank “canvas” and the talented embroiderers “create the magic”. We are always amazed when we see the creative beautiful work done on our Buddies. When you want to gift the Buddy, how is the best way to do that? It is always challenging to wrap any plush toy but once you get started it’s not too hard and actually its lots of fun.

We decided it was not too early to start wrapping our Buddies for the holidays. Edward Elf, Sonny Snowman, Bobby Angel and Santa all look so festive once we were done.

Please send us photos of how you gift your Buddies. Stay tuned for more blogs on wrapping Buddies!