Rightly so, there are fewer moments more magical than when a new life is welcomed into this world. A brand-new baby deserves the softest and cuddliest environments around, and we here at Embroider Buddy® would be delighted to be part of that important chapter. Embroider Buddy’s line of plush toys allows for customization and creativity. A loving message for new parents and soothing words for a young infant.

In case you are concerned about putting personal information on gifts and apparel, there are endless original messages and images you can embroider on your Embroider Buddy® products!

Darling Moments

Generating a new idea for an embroidery design is easy as it is inspiring. Pulling a line from your favourite nursery rhyme or storybook to accompany a resting child would be precious. You could also put on a sassy joke or words of encouragement since it’s mostly stressed parents that will be reading these messages for a number of years.

Embroidering images and graphics would also light up an infant’s life. Suns, moons and stars. Embroider one of our Unicorn Buddies with a colourful rainbow or one of our HipHop Froggy Buddies with a splashing rain puddle.

Start a child’s life out with a wonderful gift, and make that gift extra special with Embroider Buddy®!