Hug A Bear Day With Embroider BuddyHugging a real bear: hard to arrange, high risk of injury, unadvisable. Hugging a teddy bear: easy to arrange, low risk of injury, sensible! November 7th is Hug A Bear Day, commemorating the day that President Theodore Rosevelt is said to have refused to shoot a baby bear while on a hunting trip. This story is believed to be where the phrase “Teddy Bear” originates from, emanating from Rosevelt’s burly but cuddly demeanour.

Hug A Bear Day is all about snuggling with the plush toys we all know and love. We here at Embroider Buddy® are all about this. Our history with teddy bears goes deep and we’d love for you to be a part of our future. If you need some of the biggest, softest and cuddliest teddy bears around, we would be happy to support you with one of our many Embroider Buddy® products.

See The Forest For The Bears

The Embroider Buddy® line has a whole zoo of animals, from dogs to dinosaurs, but we’ll always prioritize our wonderful bears. We offer a number of different colours for bears, from brown and black, to pink, blue and white. We offer a number of styles, like our 14” Mister Buddy Bear to our larger, fuzzier Bobby Buddy Bears.


Over the last year, we’ve introduced a number of new bears to our collection as well! Such as our Bear Blankey Huggers, which wrap their arms around a soft bundled blanket. Just in time for the holidays we also have a new Bobby Angel Bear, which would look perfect under any tree.

All of our products are designed with embroidery in mind. Our Embroider Buddy® line has our signature removable stuffing pods, making personalization easy as can be. If there’s someone special in your life that needs a bear hug at the ready, why not make the hug extra special with a loving message? Happy Hug A Bear Day, from the smallest cubs to the biggest teddies!