Halloween Blog

Hello boils and ghouls. We keep it cute and cuddly at Embroider Buddy® for most of the year, but we can’t help but get into the spooky spirit as October 31st draws near! It’s finally time for Halloween! Black cats and goblins! Vampires and wolves! All the creepy crawlies coming out to play for the eeriest night of the year!

Above all else, we can’t wait to see some great costumes! Kids at heart pouring out into the streets, a parade of fun and zany outfits. Dressing up isn’t just for people! Some of your favourite toys at Embroider Buddy® are ready to show some cool threads on Halloween night.

Super Buddies!

warrior pets and more

Embroider Buddies are designed with personalization in mind. Our removable stuffing pods make for easy embroidery! If you have a big “Halloweenie” in your life, consider giving them an Oberon Owl Buddy customized with a chilling message. But personalization doesn’t just have to end at the needlepoint!

Just like everyone else on Halloween, our toys love to dress up! We also offer some funky Bearwear accessories that will let your Embroider Buddies join in on the Halloween spirit!

Zachary Zebra Buddy

We have everything from doctors’ scrubs for all the mad scientists to frilly skirts for all the pixie princesses. Superheroes are all the rage these days, so why make your Buddies marvellous with masks and capes! A perfectly powerful companion for anyone that needs a Buddy to brave Halloween night.

We at Embroider Buddy® wish everyone a fun, safe and scary Halloween!