Photo: Stitching Post at The Dime Event

Across many lines and even more wonderful, cuddly Embroider Buddy® gifts, we owe it all to you. Our fans and customers have helped us expand operations across plush toys, apparel and decorations. We wouldn’t be making products with personalization in mind without creative and caring people to use them!

Since we’ve started, you’ve asked great questions that have helped guide us towards the product line we have now. And we’d love to continue hearing from you! Let us know how you’ve been using your Embroider Buddy® products.

We listen to your feedback. Some people weren’t ready to say goodbye to our Kory Koala Buddy, so we renewed the product last month! Did you want more holiday items? We’ve expanded our yuletide selection with the Elf Buddy and Bobby Angel! Did you want more options from our Sports Buddy line? We added the Hockey Puck, the most request of them all!

You’ve asked about ordering Embroider Buddy® products online? Well… keep your eyes peeled!

A Big Deal for Big Hearts

We’ve got a lot of love for our customers, and we want to celebrate that passion with a deal. A big deal. A jumbo deal!

From now until December 6, you will have the chance to get a Jumbo Embroider Buddy® completely free! These 22” gifts are perfect for kids and make for great canvasses for your embroidering expression! Our Jumbo line has precious Bella Bunny Buddy, loyal Dalton Dog Buddy, the sleek Frederick Fox Buddy and much more!

Here are some of the adorable embroidered buddies you have shared with us. Continue sharing your photos and feedback. We love hearing from you!