Canadian Thanksgiving is approaching, and American Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Whether you’re up north or down south, it’s a good time of year to reflect on our circumstances and show gratitude for the people and communities that have helped us thrive. We at Embroider Buddy® have to thank all of you out there for helping us grow, and in return, we’d like to help you give thanks to the special people in your lives.

All of our products at Embroider Buddy® are created with personalization in mind. Our toy line comes with our signature stuffing pods that make embroidery a breeze. A soft, comforting toy made extra special with a name or a heartfelt message would make an amazing gift for family and friends.

All Creatures Feathered and Fuzzy

Thanksgiving isn’t just about giving thanks to the ones you love. Much thanks is owed to the animals for their contributions, and we have a whole barnyard full of critters at Embroider Buddy®. For the autumnal vibe, we have plenty of options. Brown bears and bright-eyed owls will immediately fill your mind with crisp forest air. But for a big hit for the changing seasons, we’d recommend Frederick Fox Buddy, a gorgeous piece with rust brown fur, and Mikey Moose Buddy, with adorable antlers and a cute tail.

Looking for holiday inspiration? Here are some of our favourite Thanksgiving embroidery sayings:

  • Let our hearts be full of both thanks and giving
  • Autumn Leaves and Pumpkins Please
  • Be thankful always
  • My first thanksgiving
  • Pumpkin kisses & harvest wishes

From all of us at Embroider Buddy®, we hope you enjoy and have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones! Don’t forget to share your favourite Thanksgiving designs on our Facebook page.