EB-blog-Blankey-huggersSummer’s barely out the door but that hasn’t stopped the cool wind from rolling in. With autumn upon us, we're all going to need our fair share of warm, cozy snuggling. Thankfully we at Embroider Buddy® have plenty of products to do the job!

Our Embroider Buddy® Blankeys come in two-piece sets. A soft 30 x 40″ blanket comes paired with a smaller 16” blankey with a cute plush buddy charm. This line ranges from bears and bunnies to monkeys and unicorns. 

But the cuddles don’t stop there. Earlier this year we introduced a new line of Embroider Buddys® into the world, combining these popular blankets with their own plush companion. The Blankey Hugger collection comes with the 30 x 40” blanket, but this time coupled with their own full plush toy, designed to wrap their arms around the blankey, keeping them stored and safe.

Embroidering Your Blankey

It wouldn’t be an Embroider Buddy® gift if it wasn’t perfect for embroidery! Both the Embroider Buddy® Blankeys and Blankey Hugger’s blankets were made with personalization in mind. 

In case you want to learn how to embroider these blankets, our resident embroidery expert Sandra Huss (Warrior Pets and More) has some great tips to add your own personal touch to your blankey.

Below are some tips to help out with your embroidery adventures!

Blog-Blankey-Dog-BuddyTIP 1: Print the name out and place it on the blanket. Roll it back up and move the blanket into place, so the name shows when it is placed back into the buddy. 

TIP 2: Place your names in the lower right-hand corner of the blankey.


A look at the embroidered finished piece.

Do you have any other best practices when embroidering an Embroider Buddy?® Let us know in the comments below!