EB-blog-SilvanoOne of the most requested critters is joining the Embroider Buddy® family! Introducing Silvano Long Legs Sloth Buddy. This Embroider Buddy® is a unique addition to the line. With long, warbly arms and legs, Silvano Long Legs Sloth Buddy is 30” inches long. Ready to wrap his arms and legs around any happy friend.

Sloth_1While Silvano Long Legs Sloth Buddy might be our most unique Embroider Buddy® yet, he still features our signature removable stuffing pod. This gift is perfect for the sloth-loving person and can be embroidered and personalized to make it an extra-special toy. Silvano Long Legs Sloth Buddy will be available later this summer, in September. Pre-orders are now open. Don’t be too slow in ordering!

Kick Back and Game On

While there have not been any recorded examples of a sloth playing a video game, we here at Embroider Buddy® feel the best way to get your own sloth on is with National Video Game Day!

The day was established, well, uncovered by games historian Frank Cifaldi in a 1991 Chase Bank event calendar. The calendar claims the day was created by “David Earle,” President of  the “Kid Vid Warriors.” There is no documentation to suggest Earle or the Kid Vid Warriors exist outside of this bank calendar, and various people have claimed a “National Video Game Day” occurs anywhere between July and December.

But if you’re looking for an excuse to kick back with a Nintendo game or an old point and click adventure game, why not slouch with our Silvano Long Legs Sloth Buddy and let the hours drift by!