EB-blog-BobbyThe Embroider Buddy® line has a heaven-sent new entry. Introducing Bobby Angel Buddy, a new, soft radiant friend to add to your Embroider Buddy® collection. At 16”, white fur and adorned with wings on its back, we are excited to introduce Bobby into the family.

Like all of the Embroider Buddy® toys, Bobby Angel Buddy features an easy to remove stuffing pod that makes it perfect for embroidery and personalization.

Blessed Occasions

Being inducted into the Embroider Buddy® collection this September, Bobby Angel Buddy will land just in time to make the perfect holiday gift! It’s really beginning to look a lot like Christmas with Bobby Angel Buddy, our Santa Buddy (Canada / US) and our recently announced Elf Buddy. Just consider the balancing issue before putting Bobby atop of any tree.


Be Your Own Angel 

As it happens, today is a day all about angels. In the metaphorical sense. Since 1993, August 22nd is National Be An Angel Day, a holiday to promote positive action towards your community or broader charities. If you’d like to be your own angel, consider volunteering at a local homeless shelter, or finding a charity group that specializes in giving under-privileged or at-risk people resources they need to survive.