It’s been an exciting few months! Over the summer we’ve been expanding the Embroider Buddys® line with Hockey Pucks and Blankies. There are still plenty of new characters in the Embroider Buddy® catalogue. You’ve been “quacking” for one and we’ve listened! Meet our newest feathered friend: Quincy Duck!


From the pond to your home, the 16” Quincy Duck Embroider Buddy® is the newest critter in our signature Embroider Buddy® line and your next best friend! Fuzzy, yellow and cute, this marvelous mallard will make the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Fits the Bill

Like all of our Embroider Buddy® toys, Quincy Duck features a removable stuffing pod for easy embroidery. Outfit Quincy with a personalized message or image that will leave your loved ones quacking! For all the bird-watchers out there, Quincy is the second bird to take flight in our Embroider Buddy® collection, joining his winged buddy Oberon Owl.

Quincy Duck lands next month, in September. Any other birds you’d like to see in our collection? Feel free to contact us and let us know!