EB-blog-cat-dayIt doesn’t seem that odd that cats were worshipped in ancient Egypt when you think about how beloved they are in modern day. Despite our small whiskered friends being around us since ancient human civilization, it was only in 2002 when us homo sapiens decided to formally honour them with a calendar day.

Every August 8th is International Cat Day. While every day is International Cat Day for many cat owners, the day was commissioned by the International Fund for Animal Welfare to encourage would-be cat owners to visit their local shelter to find a new friend in need.

Today, worshipped or not, cats are kings. The ultimate greeting card image, cats are the dominant photo subject on social media. We’re well into the trend of cat cafes, where you can surround yourself with cats. And of course, there are cat toys, and we at Embroider Buddy® would love to help you celebrate all nine of your cat’s lives.

Furry Friends

Our signature line of Embroider Buddy® toys would not be complete without a kitty cat. Our Claire Buddy Cat is the perfect gift for cat lovers. With whiskers and a white and brown coat, this friendly feline is ready to delight kids, friends and relatives alike.

Like all of our Embroider Buddys®, Claire features a removable stuffing pod, making for an easily embroiderable and personalizable gift. Embroider Claire with a special International Cat Day message, or some words of affection for your own special pets.

No Tom is complete without a Jerry. Embroider Buddy® is proud to introduce our new Maverick Mouse Buddy, for you or your cat to toy with. Maverick will be available to order this September!


Embroider Buddy’s Buddies

It’s not just toy cats at Embroider Buddy®. To leave you off this International Cat Day, check out some of the cats our own staff have to call their own. Enjoy!