International-Friendship-DayFriendship Everywhere You Look

Friends! How many of us have them? Friends! Ones we can depend on. This July 30th is International Day of Friendship. That might sound like a greeting card holiday, and it was in its inception in the 30s. But in 2011 the United Nations General Assembly declared it an officially recognized occasion to promote peace, bridge building and camaraderie between countries and cultures.

Most of us aren’t currently working in a diplomatic capacity, but that doesn’t mean we can’t join in the fun. Friendship can be anywhere you find it, and in the spirit of International Day of Friendship and our friendship with our parent company Parkdale Novelty, we’d like to propose a new pair of friends that could be your new chums.

Time to Shine

Sparklers-fantasy-seriesParkdale Novelty has recently introduced the Schoolyard Sparklers to their line of products. These hot-ticket, “sequented” gifts are perfect for kids and fidgety fingers.

Canadian-sparkles-seriesThe six-piece collection range from traditional souvenirs, moose, bear, husky and kitten, to the fantastical unicorn and dinosaur. Unlike our Embroider Buddies they can’t be embroidered, but they do come with a cute embroidered charm already stitched on to their tummies. More importantly, each one of these tiny friends comes with a knapsack fob that makes them the perfect company to our line of Embroider Buddy gifts.

Back to School in Style

One trendy spot for the Schoolyard Sparklers is hanging out from the zipper and straps of a backpack. Summer, wonderful as it is, will eventually give way to September. Before you have to scramble to get back to school gear, consider sending your children and younger loved ones to class in style with a Schoolyard Sparkler paired with one of our Embroider Backpacks.

Each of the Embroider Backpacks match up with a Schoolyard Sparklers. Both collections have a dog, moose, bear and even a dinosaur! Pair animals two-by-two Noah-style or mix-and-match. Like all the gifts in our catalogue, the Embroider Backpacks are also perfect for personalization, a special graphic or message to send your kids off to school with. If all goes well they’ll walk away with new buddies for next year’s International Day of Friendship.