Cuddle Up with our new Blankey HuggersHello Embroider Buddy® fans! For some time we’ve been creating great gifts for kids and kids at heart alike. Among our popular lines are soft, cuddly Embroider Buddies and warm, comforting Embroider Blankeys. We are excited to announce a new line of products that combines some of the best elements of these lines. Meet the all-new Blankey Huggers. They can’t wait to meet you too!

These new Blankeys are much different than those found in the Embroider Blankey line. While they don’t have a plush charm on the end, these more versatile Blankeys are just as cuddly. More importantly, they come bundled with a buddy of their own. Along with these blankeys are special, all-new plus toys, whose hands latch onto their soft fuzzy feet to hug these blankeys when you aren’t.

New Buddies Ready To Hug

The first wave of our Blankey Hugger collection will include some of your favourite critters. We’ll have the time-tested teddy bear. A smiling puppy. A floppy-eared bunny. A graceful little lamb. And for those looking for something more fantastical, the Blankey Hugger line will even include a pink unicorn!

Blankey Huggers CollectionLike all of our Embroider Buddy products, these make for the perfect, personalized gift. While the plush toys do not have the removable pod from the traditional Embroider Buddy, the Blankeys are still designed for easy embroidery. What a perfect moment it will be when your special someone unfurls the Blankey from a teddy bear’s arms to reveal a surprising and special message.

The Blankey Huggers will be available later this summer, in August. Pre-orders are now open!