National Selfie Day

There are holidays for fathers, holidays for mothers. Days for siblings and days for the earth. We have celebrations for pizza, donuts and ice cream. We have days to commemorate all sorts of things, and while you might have some thoughts about a National Selfie Day, you have to admit it’s nice that there’s at least one day dedicated to yourself.

Started by Texas radio DJ Rick McNeely in 2014, National Selfie Day is all about the moments we make for ourselves. Whether you carry a selfie-stick to the eight wonders of the world or was filling MySpace with mirror shots in 2006, June 21st is for all the self-portraits.

Express With Embroider Buddy®

At Embroider Buddy®, we want to embrace you and your creativity. All of our products are designed for customization. From bears to blankets to basketballs, the entire Embroider Buddy line can be embroidered with your name, favourite expression and even images! If you’d want your selfies to make a statement, why not write it on a teddy bear?

Our Favourite Buddies

We’d love to see your Embroider Buddy selfies! But until then, why not check out ours? Here are a few of the crew members at Embroider Buddy® HQ with their favourite items in the Embroider Buddy catalogue!

Here is Donna with our legendary Mister Buddy Bear!

This is May with our fabulous Sebastian Shark Buddy!

And here is Auri with our lovely Dalton Buddy Dog!

All of us here at Embroider Buddy® wish you a happy National Selfie Day!