Hockey Puck Buddy

Hello sports fans and embroiderers! As the basketball and baseball seasons heat up, and summer swelters, we at Embroider Buddy® would love to give you a preview of our expanding Sports Buddy collection! We’ve heard your requests loud and clear. For as many bases as we’ve covered with this collection, there’s been one key omission. Meet the all-new, all-cool Hockey Puck Buddy!

Ice Cold

Just in time for the NHL season’s first puck drop, this September Embroider Buddy® will be introducing our new 11” diameter and 3.5” height Hockey Puck Buddy! Slim, sleek and with our signature personalization features, the new addition to the Sports Buddy family is perfect for hockey fans of all ages!

Whether you want a present for a big fan’s special day, or want to celebrate a junior league victory, the new Hockey Puck Buddy is a great way to keep memories ice fresh all year round.

Sports Masters

Don’t worry, just because we’ve added a new player doesn’t mean a Sports Buddy will be sidelined to the bench. The Hockey Puck Buddy is joining the growing collection, which continues to include the Football Buddy, Baseball Buddy, Basketball Buddy and Soccer Ball Buddy.

Our line of Embroider Buddy gifts are great for the fans of any game. Each one features an easy to remove stuffing pod, making for the most effortless embroidery experience. Personalized with names, favourite teams and important occasions. No need to make a fantasy roster, at Embroider Buddy® we already have the dream team!