Summer Camp Buddies

The days are getting warmer. The sun is getting brighter. And those report cards are coming in. Before you know it, the kids will be enjoying their summer break, and many of them will be heading off to summer camp with their friends.

Whether it’s a day-camp full of games and activities, or an overnight camp with mess halls and canoes, make sure your loved ones are getting on the bus with their best Buddies. We at Embroider Buddy®️ have a wide range of gifts and toys that are perfect for anyone who might want to keep a comfort object close in a new bunk or become the talk of the cabin with a cool new backpack.

Back to Camp

Dino-mite! Introducing New Embroider Buddy® Easy as 1-2-3 BackpacksIf you’re heading off to summer camp, you deserve to come fully equipped. Make sure to have your water bottle. Your insect repellent. Your hat, sunscreen, snack, and a stylish backpack to carry it all in. Whether you want to carry along a cuddly canine or a ferocious Jurassic beast, our Dalton Dog Backpack Buddy or Tommie the Tyrannosaur Backpack, Embroider Buddy®️ has a backpack for everyone.

Make a statement the second you board the bus. Literally! All of our backpacks are easily personalized with an embroiderable message or graphic.

Never Far From Home

Bobby Buddy BearSummer camp can be intimidating for kids who have never spent time away on their own. Make the transition smoother with a special gift so that they never feel too far from home. Whether they could use a turtle, bunny or bear as a special buddy, we have a giant collection of comfy Embroider Buddies to keep kids feeling secure.

If space might be an issue, our Embroider Blankey line is perfect for kids who need a low-key cozy item during the long nights. Like our Buddies, each feature an adorable animal, from huskies to unicorns. And like all of our Embroider Buddy®️ products, they are made to customize with special messages from the heart. Just don’t make those messages too sappy, unless you want to spike your kid’s summer camp social standing. Kids can be mean. Not your kid though! We’re sure they’re great.