Gifts for Dad

While I’m sure dad appreciates all the ties he’s received over the years, it might be time to change up the gift formula. Father’s Day, June 16th, is fast approaching. Whether they want to toss a ball around or make their sittin’ spot even comfier, Embroider Buddy has some perfect gifts for perfect dads!

Slam Dunk!

Sports ballsWhether you need to hit a home run like Joe Carter or sink a buzzer beater bucket like Kawhi Leonard, Embroider Buddy has something for every kind of sports fan (short of jai alai). Our new Sports Ball Collection of plush toys cover every base. Softer than pigskin, our Football Buddy is a touchdown on any game day! Strike a smile with our cozy Soccer Buddy! Set Father’s Day on fire with our Basketball Buddy! Root, root, root for the home team with our wonderful Baseball Buddy!

Like all of our Embroider Buddy products, these fun balls are perfect for personalization. With easy to remove stuffing pods, you can embroider the front of any Sports Buddy with a name, a special message to your father, or for really serious sports fans, the name and emblem of their favourite team!

Watch The Throne

Everyone has their favourite chair. This Father’s Day, why not make things even comfier with an Embroider Buddy Pillow? With a wide range of colours, our line of soft 14” by 14” pillows can look at home on any couch. And like our entire Embroider Buddy line, they are ready to make the living room pop with a personalized message.

Make this Father’s Day one to remember with a cushion that will be “imprinted” forever. By a special message, or a rear end!

Papa Bear

PandaWhether his porridge is too hot, or bed too messy, you can always warm your father’s grizzly heart with our famous Embroider Buddy teddy bears. With our easy to embroider products, showing Dad you care with a special message couldn’t be easier.

On the off-chance they aren’t a bear person, our line of buddies ranges from fuzzy to feathered, warm blooded to cold. With bulldogs, huskies, sharks, even a tyrannosaurus rex!

We at Embroider Buddy would be delighted to help you make this Father’s Day special.

What type of gift are you planning on giving that special Dad in your life?