How to embroider our backpacks

The warm weather is well on its way and that means exciting adventures are too. Whether you’re headed on a hike through your favourite trail, preparing for trips to the beach or on the way to summer camp, you’ll need somewhere to store your goodies when you’re on the move. We have the perfect Buddies for the job!

Our Embroider Backpacks have plenty of room for essentials like water, snacks and more! Choose from a collection of six backpacks ready for your personal touch. All of our Embroider Backpacks are 25” tall making them the perfect size for easy hooping and embroidery.

Here are some tips for embroidering our adorable backpacks. It really is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Ensure that both the Embroider Buddy® skin and the Buddy liner are unzipped.
  2. Place the embroidery hoop in the desired area.
  3. Stitch your design.

Backpacks stepsIt’s nearly impossible to pick a favourite out of these six cuties. Actually, who says you have to choose just one? Pick a different sidekick for every adventure this season!

Benjamin Bear Backpack Buddy

Benjamin Bear Backpack BuddyBenjamin Bear Backpack Buddy is the perfect pal for picnics. This caramel coloured cutie prefers snacking in familiar wooded areas with other wildlife but will not object to an occasional outing to the park or beach. Roll up a thin blanket, pack some treats and prepare to explore.

Embroidery inspiration for Benjamin:

  • Unbearably cute
  • I love you beary much

Mason Moose Backpack Buddy

Mason Moose Backpack BuddyMason Moose Backpack Buddy is a creature of habit and loves to roam his local woodlands. Let him carry your water and trail-mix while you’re hiking through the trees, allowing for hands free to pick up treasures, walk your dog or snap some pictures along the way!

Embroidery inspiration for Mason:

  • Easily A’moose’d
  • I moose you!

Dalton Dog Backpack Buddy
Dalton Dog Backpack Buddy

Dalton Dog Backpack Buddy is ALWAYS ready for a park adventure and can keep up with you when you’re on the run. Pack him with sunscreen, juice boxes and some dog treats to help him make friends with other furry pals.

Embroidery inspiration for Dalton:

  • Life would be ruff without you!
  • You’re doggone cute

Tommie Dino Backpack Buddy

Don’t know the way to the beach? Don’t worry, Tommie Dino Easy as 1-2-3 Backpack will get you there! This dino doesn’t have scales, instead, his soft coat is as golden as the sand and his grin as shiny as sea shells. Unzip his hidden zipper to stow away your toys like shovels and small buckets and prepare to make the most epic sandcastle you’ve ever seen!

Embroidery inspiration for Tommie:

  • Raptor arms around me
  • Rex-traordinary

Wendy Dino Backpack Buddy

Wendy Dino is the sweetest triceratops you’ll ever meet. She’s a herbivore so naturally gardening is her favourite pastime. Pack her up with your gardening essentials and get things bloomin’.

Embroidery inspiration for Wendy:

  • Nobody tops you!
  • Rawr means “I love you” in dinosaur

Pierce Dino Backpack Buddy

Pierce Dino is undeniably popular and is always ready for the next expedition. He’s a soaring success when it comes to flying kites, and he can help carry all the essentials. Bring him to your favourite open field or park (where there are NO power lines!) and prepare for take-off.

Embroidery inspiration for Pierce:

  • I love you this much
  • You’re dino-mite

Each Embroider Backpack has a matching 16” Buddy that is ready to hold down the fort at home while you’re off exploring.  What adventures do you have on your bucket list this season? Tell us in the comment section below!