Feelin lucky?

Is it just us, or are things starting to look a little greener? While we’re not seeing too many signs of spring here in Canada yet, where the snow is still up to our ears, *Sigh*, we are seeing green. With emerald accents on store shelves and shamrocks appearing on pub windows – the luck o’ the Irish seems to be popping up everywhere! And that can only mean one thing – St. Patrick’s Day is here!

The tradition of St. Paddy’s Day celebrations dates back centuries and has deeply rooted itself in Western culture. Irish or not, Embroider Buddy® wants to celebrate with you. Let’s take a look at some of our greenest and lucky Buddies who are excited for this Irish holiday!

Hip Hop Froggy Buddy

Hip Hop Froggy BuddyHip Hop Froggy Buddy is about it as green as they get but is ready to celebrate all year round. Let him join you for some green pancakes in the morning and he’ll be ‘hoppy’ to follow your lead for the rest of the day!

Elford Elephant Buddy

Ellie Elephant Buddy
Elford Elephant Buddy is one of the lucky ones! Elephants aren’t only adored for their gentle nature and precious appearance, but for what they symbolize – power, wisdom, strength and good fortune.

If you’re looking for a pop of colour, opt for one of Elford’s friends, Ellie Elephant Buddy or Elliot Elephant Buddy.

Dino Dinosaur Buddy

Dino Dinosaur Buddy may not be an Irishman, but his greenish grin makes him “Irish for the day!” Dino’s stunning green scales also make him the perfect, eye-catching companion for any St. Paddy’s Day event you bring him too.

Sweetie Piggy Pal Buddy

Sweetie Piggy Pal BuddySweetie Piggy Pal Buddy is irresistibly cute and is also a symbol of luck and wealth, which is why we have traditions like piggy banks. Oh, and you might remember us mentioning in an earlier blog post that it is the year of the pig. That might make Sweetie the luckiest Buddy of them all!

Shel Turtle Buddy

Shel Turtle Buddy lives in a sea of green and loves St. Patrick’s Day celebrations because he fits in from head to toe. Add some green embroidery designs to his tummy and he’ll be an undeniable St. Patrick’s Day hit!

St. Patrick’s Day Inspiration

Have you ever wondered what’s at the ends of the rainbow? It’s our free ‘lucky’ charms! With every Embroider Buddy® purchase, you have access to a bank of free digitized embroidery charms to match your favourite Buddy, helping you bring your best embroidery to life.

Here are some of our other favourite St. Paddy’s inspirations:

  • Use green thread
  • Four-leaf clovers
  • Leprechauns
  • Lucky charms
  • “Keep calm and shamrock on”
  • “A best friend is like a four-leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have!”
  • “Kiss me I’m Irish”
  • “Luck of the Irish”

Share your St. Patrick’s Day Creations

 We love when you share your designs and so does the embroidery community! Tag us in your designs or share them on our Facebook Page to help inspire others.

If you plan to celebrate this weekend, have fun and stay safe!