Get Creative with Embroider Buddy PillowsDecorative pillows and personalized items have become staple pieces in the world of interior design. Not only do pillows lend a pop of colour in any room, but they also help with back support and overall comfort in your coziest areas. And by adding customizations to pieces like pillows, you can really let the personality of the home or room shine.

Our Embroider Buddy® Pillows are the perfect addition to any decor and make embroidery as easy as 1-2-3. Our meticulous detailing combined with a fine finish, designer colours, elegant material, hidden Velcro© and your special touches makes for dazzling displays.

Here are some of our favourite ways to incorporate personalized pillows into our lives and home.

Family Name Monogram

Donna Embroidered PillowAround the world, people and cultures are woven together by names – first and last! When a baby is born, much of the excitement is around the name – it can honour a family member, reflect religious or cultural status and so much more. Names connect us with one another, and that’s why we wear them like a badge.

Personalize your pillow with your family name, monogram or crest and place it in the living room or entryway to show guests who you are or where you come from.

Tooth Fairy Pillow

Tooth Fairy PillowEveryone loves getting visits from the tooth fairy. It’s a tradition that dates back many years and makes the sometimes painful process of losing baby teeth exciting for children. Why not take the experience to the next level by customizing a pillow for the special event.

Add a fun embroidery image, name and a pocket to both stow away the tooth and receive a tooth fairy treasure upon waking up.

Mr. and Mrs. Bedside Pillows

Looking for a gift for the new Mr. and Mrs.? Customized pillows are the perfect gift for the bride and groom and have become very trendy. They look great as beside pillows or even in the newlyweds’ living area to showcase their new lifelong commitment.

Canada and Independence Day Themes

Canada and Independence Day ThemesDo-it-yourself pillow projects are the perfect opportunity to create something patriotic to display in and around your home this Canada or Independence Day! Canadian flags, a maple leaf, I heart USA and silhouettes of state maps are popular décor trends for the special occasion.

Cottage Life

We’re all patiently waiting for fun summer days and cozy nights at the cottage. Who doesn’t love swimming and BBQ’s by day and star gazing at night? Add a personal touch by embroidering pillows with the name of the lake, town or cottage to welcome your summer getaway guests for years to come.

Do you love to get creative with our Embroider Buddy® Pillows? Tell us about your favourite designs or spaces and places for your personalized pillows!