Embroider buddy Sleep Essentials

Whether it’s nap or bedtime, you can count on children lining their beds with their favourite stuffed animals – each one carefully picked and precisely placed to make sure everyone rests peacefully.

And peaceful sleep is important. In fact, it’s such an essential part of our physical and mental health we spend a third of our lives sleeping! So, why not make resting – and embroidery – easy with these Embroider Buddy® sleep essentials?

Cuddle Buddies

Our Buddies love to catch up on ZzZzZ’s and crash sleepovers.

Hedley Hedgehog Buddy is always looking sharp and sure is one cuddly Buddy. He makes a great slumber party companion when he’s personalized with a name or a cute saying like “Hedge Hugs!”


Another great cuddle buddy is Bobby Buddy Bear! He’s awesome when embroidered with funny sayings like “Bearly Awake,” no matter which colour you choose – find him in pink, blue, white, black and brown.

Embroider Buddy® - Bobby Buddy BearWe Have Naptime Covered

Sleeping just isn’t the same without an ultra-soft, cuddly blankey. That’s why our Embroider Buddy® Blankeys top the charts for sleep essentials. With 25 different varieties to choose from, these blankeys are ideal for easy-embroidering and are available in four different styles: wee (10”), mini (16”), regular (20”) and sets (16” and 30” x 40”).

Bunny Blankey BuddiesBut wait! There’s one more Embroider Buddy® product we’ve yet to mention who is tailor-made for naptime. Have you heard of our Embroider Buddy® Layabouts? These cuties are not only funky and original in design, but they’re also the perfect companion for cuddling.

Mister Elford Elephant Layabout

Meet, Elford Elephant Buddy's super cute counterpart, Mister Elford Elephant Layabout! He’s 19” in size and has plenty of room for embroidery! Kids love his different textures and goofy looks. This layabout is perfect for kids to take to sleepovers since it’s a pillow and best friend all in one. Our Layabouts will certainly keep your little one cozy and comforted whether tucked up in bed or on a night away from home.

Which Embroider Buddy® product is your favourite sleep essential? Let us know in the comments below.