Year of the Pig

Well, 2019 is finally here! The start of a new year is a great time to hit refresh, set new goals and expectations, and daydream about what will come. Hopefully happiness, love, health, luck and fortune are already enroute, and we wish everyone all the best in their new endeavours!

If you follow the Chinese zodiac, you already know it’s the year of the pig. But did you know it’s also a year of fortune and luck, too? That’s right! In 2019, all 12 of the Chinese zodiac signs are promised a joyous year ahead. Count us in!

Sweetie Piggy

We’re going to celebrate with our favourite little piggy and you should too! Meet Sweetie Piggy Pal Buddy. Who can resist 16 inches of cuteness? Her self-contained stuffing pods are removable through a hidden zipper on the body, making her ready for easy hooping and embroidery.

Sweetie Piggy Embroidered

Like all our other Buddies, Sweetie Piggy Pal Buddy is machine washable and made from a low-pile plush fabric. And she exceeds all applicable U.S., Canadian, and European safety standards, making her the perfect gift for even the littlest loves in your life!

According to the Chinese zodiac, pigs are known for the diligence, compassion and generosity. Speaking of little ones, are you or someone you know expecting a baby in 2019? Sweetie Piggy Pal Buddy is the perfect baby gift! Symbolic presents are always a hit especially when they are personalized with creative designs. Oh, and don’t forget to add your embroidered signature to their bottoms so they always know who it’s from!

Sweetie Piggy Embroidered

Are you wondering if we have any other Buddies that pair up with the Chinese zodiac? Yes, we do! Check them out.

Tory Tiger Buddy

Tory Tiger

In Chinese culture, tigers are seen as the guardians of children. So, it’s only fitting that The Year of the Tiger is represented here at Embroider Buddy® with Tory Tiger Buddy. This handsome fella is 16” of fierce friendliness and bound to get along with everybody. 

Bella Buddy Bunny

Bella BunnyAre you the year of the rabbit? Then, according to Chinese culture, you’re as pure as the moon! Bella Buddy Bunny is your perfect match and is available in both 16” and 22”.

Howie Horse Buddy

Howie HorseAccording to the Chinese zodiac, people born in a year of the horse are extremely active, animated and energetic. Howie Horse Buddy is, too!

Monty Monkey Buddy

Monty MonkeyIn the Chinese Zodiac, monkeys are lighthearted pranksters who achieve all their dreams. The zodiac doesn’t mess around, but Monty Monkey Buddy might! Good thing he is so irresistibly cute.

Dalton Buddy Dog

Dalton DogAny year of the dog’s out there? Dalton Buddy Dog is your 16” or 22” ‘good boy’ who’s ready to take on 2019’s adventures with you!

What’s your Chinese zodiac sign? Let us know in the comments below!