New Blanket Sets

Can it be the new year already? It was fun wrapping up 2018 with our announcements about the Long Ear and Sports Ball collection – but we’ve got more exciting new product news for you! Available early 2019, we’re bringing back one of your favourites! That’s right, get ready for nine new Blankey Sets.

Blankey sets are cherished because they are the perfect mix of blanket and stuffed animal. And when personalized, they make for wonderful keepsakes. Each set includes a large 30” x 40” Blankey and a 16” Mini Blankey.

So, who made the final cut? Let’s take a look!

Elephant Blankey Buddy Sets

Elephant Buddy Blankeys

Let’s start by talking about the elephant in the room! When it comes to your Elephant Blankey Buddy Sets that are available in both pink and blue, we always sell a tonne. Elephants represent wisdom, strength, cooperative spirit, and loyalty making them the perfect gift for that special person in your life.

Bunny Blankey Buddy Sets

Bunny Blankey Buddies

Looking for the perfect baby gender reveal gift? Look no further, Bunny Blankey Buddy Sets are also available in both pink and blue. With plenty of room for personalization, these sweet plush companions make treasured gifts for years to come.

Horatio Husky Blankey Buddy Set

Horatio Husky Blankey Buddy

Known for being the leader of the pack, we’re excited to introduce our new Horatio Husky Blankey Buddy Set. He’s one cool looking dude with a timber-wolf like appearance, a perfect pair with his stuffed Buddy counterpart. Don’t worry; no house training required – just your personal touches!

Whimsy Unicorn Blankey Buddy Set

Whimsy Unicorn Blankey Buddy

Isn’t she magical? Your favourite mystical majesty is now available in our Blankey Sets! Her sparkly eyes and candy floss pink coat are adored from miles away and provide plenty of room for your creative and colourful designs.

Mikey Moose Blankey Buddy Set

Mikey Moose Blankey Buddy

You’ll be easily a-moose-d by our next Blankey Set. This sweet looking moose makes the perfect cuddle partner. This set make the perfect gift for any little outdoorsman, especially when paired with his 16” stuffed Buddy.

Monkey Blankey Buddy Set

Monkey Blankey Buddy

We’re bananas over our Monkey Blankey Buddy Set. This little cutie has a large square space on the Mini Blankey, ready for all of your creative work.

Lamb Blankey Buddy Set

Lamb Blankey Buddy

Our adorable Lamb Blankey Buddy set is too cute for words. It’s soft white colouring makes embroidery designs pop, and its plush texture makes it the perfect naptime companion.

All of these Blankey Sets are made of embroidery-friendly, low-pile plush fabric and exceed all applicable U.S., Canadian, and European safety standards.

Which Blankey Set are you looking forward to most? Let us know in the comments!