Happy HolidaysIt seems like only yesterday we were wrapping up the end of our summer vacations, not buying and wrapping presents! The holidays are here and they’re in full swing!

I’m sure you’re all as busy as we are here at Embroider Buddy®. And at times in today’s modern, “always on” world the idea of taking a day or two to simply rest and relax seems impossible. But that’s what the holiday season is for. Holidays are times of festive celebration or fun recreation when no work should be done.

Of course, if you’re the one hosting Christmas dinner this year, you might disagree! At least make sure someone else cleans the kitchen for you!

My point here is that we all need time when we just slow down and get in the moment. Watch a favourite movie. Read a book. Play games with the kids or grandkids. Get together with friends.

The holidays are a delightful time for many. Celebrations of Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Festivus and New Years’ should be spent with friends and family. And of course, we love to be a part of your holiday traditions every year!

Here are a few of our favourite ways you can include Buddies in your family’s festivities!

  1. Dress your Embroider Buddy® up in your favourite holiday gear. Nothing’s cuter than a sweet stuffed animal in tiny apparel. Not only does it transform them into festive décor, but they’re also perfect to keep your little one company during all your holiday events.
  2. Our Buddies make the perfect addition in any holiday photo shoot or Christmas card. I mean, who doesn’t adore seeing their child posing with their favourite plush friend? And like we mentioned earlier, you can dress them for the occasion, and even dress your wee one to match their Buddy!
  3. And if you’re worried someone might grab the treats left out for special Christmas Eve visitors, have Santa Buddy guard the milk and cookies until ol’ Saint Nick makes his appearance! He sure is cute – but with his big blue eyes on the lookout, he will certainly keep your little (munch)kins from snacking on the big man’s treats!
  4. And let’s not forget the obvious. Embroider Buddy® plush toys makes the perfect personalized gift for any person, occasion or holiday.

What holiday traditions do your favourite Embroider Buddy® friends celebrate with you? Please let us know and share your pics on our Facebook page!

Oh, and before we forget. Next week we are announcing another new product! Keep an eye out on our blog, website and Facebook page– they’re coming soon!

On behalf of everyone here at Embroider Buddy®, we wish you the happiest of holidays and an excellent New Year.