Pink Landy Ladybug

You may have noticed one of our sweetest looking Buddies hasn’t been around to ‘bug’ you recently. Well, we’ve got some fabulous news. After a long absence, Landy Ladybug Buddy, pink, is back in stock and she’s ready to be adored!
Embroidered Landy Ladybug
Did you know there are approximately 5,000 different species of ladybugs around the world? In North America, we’re most familiar with the friendly black-spotted red ladybug of “Ladybug Ladybug fly away home…” fame. However, they come in many shapes, colours and sizes depending on the area in the world in which they live. At Embroider Buddy®, Landy Ladybug Buddy is available in pink AND red!

Ladybugs are also known for being a symbol of good luck! Why? Well, back when farmers had little to fight against crop invaders like aphids, they would pray for help. They soon noticed the lucky little bug that feasted on these pests and helped keep gardens healthy and crops prosperous. In fact, their very name, ladybug, refers to farmers’ prayers to the Virgin Mary. And we can’t forget to note how cute, friendly and harmless they are!

Landy LadyBug has a nice big tummy perfect for large designs and sayings! Want some design ideas? Here are a few of our favourite embroidery sayings for Landy Ladybug include:

  • Just Wing It!
  • Ladybug Hug
  • Don’t Bug Me!
  • A Lady Never Tells

Landy LadyBug Buddy comes with two self-contained yet easily removable stuffing pods. And we’ve included a helpful ‘how-to’ showing you how to properly re-stuff each pod in our LadyBug Buddies.

Here’s how to pack Landy so she sits properly:

  1. Place the large sphere shaped pod in Landy’s body.
  2. Place the banana shaped pod behind the sphere to fill out Landy’s back wings.
  3. Zip her up and watch her sit tall!

Although Landy doesn’t need the extra stuffing, it sure does make her roly-poly!
Stuffing Landy Ladybug
Ladybugs may be known to hibernate in the winter, but Landy is prepared to help make the upcoming chilly winter ‘fly-by’!

We’re so excited to have her back and can’t wait to see how you get creative with Landy! Show us some of your favourite Landy LadyBug designs in the comments below.