Plush Animal Lovers DayHooray – it’s Plush Animal Lover’s Day! It might be just another day at the office for other folks, but here at Embroider Buddy®, we’re excited to celebrate with the rest of the world! So go ahead, grab your closest plush friend and give ‘em a tight squeeze.Hugging an Embroider Buddy

Stuffed animals have a special place in every aspect of our lives. They’re a popular baby gift, and often turn into our children’s best friends! They’re given as a symbol of love on Valentine’s Day, hop into our lives at Easter, and make birthdays that much more special. From infants to adults, plush toys make major life events more memorable!

Be My Valentine Embroider BuddyBut why is it that we love stuffed animals so much? Well, according to psychologists, our attachment stems from positive memories of childhood. Touch also plays a large role (not surprising when talking about stuffed plush toys!), with blankies and other cuddly comforts providing us with a sense of serenity and security.

Where did the fascination with re-creating our favourite stuffed critters and creatures originate? Historically, stuffed animals date back to Egyptian times. However, in more recent history, we look to Margarete Steiff of Germany who founded her own stuffed animal company, Steiff, in 1880.  

Steiff’s big plush toy breakthrough began in 1902, when her nephew Richard Steiff designed the “Bear 55PB.” That special bear was discovered by a savvy American trader who ordered 3,000 of them. Then, in honour of their president Theodore Roosevelt, he introduced them to Americans as the “Teddy Bear.” The rest, as they say, is history!

Donna Kotzer Jacobs, the creator of Embroider Buddy®, had a mission not unlike Margarete Steiff’s, to create quality plush animals. Donna’s knowledge from working for her father’s company, Parkdale Creature Comforts, joined with her passion for embroidery inspired her to develop what we now know as Embroider Buddy®.

Original Teddy Bear

“I spent three years working and re-working prototypes,” Donna explains. “The embroiderers needed a bear like Embroider Buddy®, and it took someone in the toy business to create him. The demand for the original Embroider Buddy bear was so strong that it wasn’t long until I started designing a line of embroiderable stuffed animals and other plush products for embroiderers to create magic.”

Embroidered Cat

So, what are you waiting for? Celebrate Plush Animal Lover’s Day with us by bringing your favourite Embroider Buddy® to work, school or on an adventure. Share photos with your favourite Buddy in the comments below!