Connecting with Customers

A business is only as valuable as the people who support it! At Embroider Buddy®, we are fortunate to have a loyal, talented and passionate group of individuals that we are lucky enough to call our customers and our community. The Embroider Buddy® fan base is built on a strong foundation of beginners, experts, retailers, hobbyists and more. And all of you share one common passion—embroidery!

Customer with Embroider Buddy

It is not uncommon for businesses to find it challenging to get to know their customer base. But this knowledge is essential in order for a business to succeed. Understanding one’s clientele goes much deeper than simply knowing which products or services they prefer. In fact, building relationships where you really know who your customers are allows businesses to pinpoint what they’re doing right and fine-tune things that need to be improved. At Embroider Buddy®, we feel very privileged that each of you has taken the time to let us get to know you beyond a purchase or a price tag.

Customer with kangaroo and koala

You may have noticed we’ve been chattier on Facebook recently. We’ve been communicating more using polls, which has helped us gather opinions and brainstorm potential new buddies. Why are we doing this? Because you’re the experts responsible for many of our business successes!

Embroider Buddy Facebook Polls

Here’s what we’ve learned about you in recent months:

We’re always listening and taking notes—so don’t be surprised if you hear exciting news from us soon!

A bunch of buddies.

To celebrate #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay, we want to learn even more about you, and what you’d like to see at Embroider Buddy®! Are there any particular animals or creatures missing from our collections that you’d like to see? Would you be interested if we introduced more accessories made specifically for our 16” Embroider Buddies? Are there any holiday-related products you feel we’re missing?

Let us know more! Comment below, reach out on Facebook, or email us at