Easy Buddy Embroidery

Happy Thursday, y’all! We are still feeling as stuffed as our Buddies after our Thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada. Unfortunately for us, we can’t simply unzip to take out our extra “stuffing” we gained from all the turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes we chowed down on!

Today, with the help of our special guest Pauley, we’ve got something special for you; machine embroidery tips specifically for your Embroider Buddy®!

It’s no secret that Embroider Buddies were designed with embroiderers in mind. However, sewing machine embroidery still takes skill and talent, regardless of the product. So, we’ve partnered up with Pauley Puppy Dog Buddy to demonstrate how to make machine embroidering as easy as possible for you creative sewers.

About Pauley

Pauley is a popular and always adored Buddy from our Clara Classic Collection. He’s 16” of lovable plush and features a hidden zipper where he stores his removable stuffing pods. Pauley is the perfect companion for any embroidery machine and is made from low-pile fabric that exceeds all applicable U.S., Canadian, and European safety standards.

Positioning Your Buddy

Yes, we know…our Buddies come in all shapes and sizes, but this next tip makes embroidering most of our plush friends easy as pie!

Pauley on Embroidery Machine

If you are using a single needle table machine, it’s best to place Pauley belly up, with his head facing toward the arm. This allows you to attach Pauley’s body to the table securely. If you’re hooping, this positioning also allows the hardware that attaches to your machine to protrude from the zipper area. This makes it comfortable to hoop and easier for you to talk to your buddy at the same time!

Needle Size

Picking a needle size for a project can be challenging. However, it is essential that you are specific with your needle choice. When selecting the right tool for the job, you must consider the fabric, design, and the type of stitch you want to make.

At Embroider Buddy®, we prefer a 75/11 embroidery needle, otherwise known as a ballpoint needle. The large embroidery eye helps to limit thread breakage and fraying on Buddies like Pauley! Another pro-tip, it's recommended that you replace this type of needle every five to six hours of embroidery time.

Do you have any other best practices when embroidering an Embroider Buddy? Let us know in the comments below!