We’re a little over a month away from the spookiest day of the year – Halloween! Kids love to eat candy and parents love any excuse to dress up their little ones in cute costumes. Embroider Buddy® has some bone-chilling ideas about how your favourite Buddies can be a part of your ominous evening.

We can be sure of many things on Hallows Eve, like parades of children, sidewalks full of candy wrappers… and usually some tears. Sometimes it’s out of discomfort, or because they’re up past their bedtime. Other times it’s simply the process of trick-or-treating itself that’s overwhelming. Having a Buddy by your child’s side can help alleviate their angst and make their candy collecting more enjoyable.

As parents, you can’t always be worried as to whether or not your child’s sacred stuffed animal matches their attire, but in the case of Halloween, you certainly can try. Here are a few awesome costume ideas that pair perfectly with Buddy sidekicks.

Trick or Treat in a galaxy far, far away with Obi-Wan or as we call him OberOn! 

Shrek is always a hilarious and easy costume at any age but is not complete without his donkey whose sense of humor is quite a-mules-ing. Duncan Donkey Buddy couldn’t be any more perfect for the part.

For every Halloween, there is a hundred princesses. However, there’s one sweet princess’s story that often gets forgotten; The Princess and the Frog. HipHop Froggy Buddy is the hoppiest Buddy to take on any journey!

Do we have any Frozen fans out there? If your little one is dressing up as Kristoff, you can’t have him trick or treat without his loyal four-legged friend, Sven. Can you guess the Buddy for this job? You got it, Edward Elk Buddy!

We’re sure this next idea will get people excited. If Howie Horse Buddy dresses up as Bullseye, who would be his counterpart? Of course, Woody from Toy Story. This is probably our favourite idea of all!

Each of these costume companions is 16” and exceeds all applicable U.S., Canadian, and European safety standards. Every Buddy comes with a hidden zipper and removable stuffing pods, making embroidery easy.

Be sure to comment below if you plan to get creative with your Buddy on Halloween this year!